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Dallas Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS)

Evaluation Type
Observations of Teachers and Principals
Student Performance Measures
Combination Models

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Use of Evaluation
Teacher Compensation Decisions

Professional Status

This system was developed by the Dallas Independent School District.

Product Description
PDAS takes into account student performance (determined using the district-created classroom effectiveness index), classroom observation(s), professional development participation, and teacher attendance. There are eight domains on which teachers are evaluated: student participation in learning, learner-centered instruction, evaluation and feedback on student progress, management, professional communication, professional development, compliance with requirements, and improving the academic performance of all students at the school. The district uses results from PDAS to make decisions concerning the optional pay-for-performance compensation system that exists in the district; the Dallas pay-for-performance system includes compensation for schoolwide improvement.

General Target Population Information
PDAS was created to evaluate teachers in the Dallas Independent School District.

Stage of Development
All Stages

The system was developed for teachers in the Dallas Independent School District.

Research and Resources
Dallas Indpendent School District is participating in a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study on teacher effectiveness ( PDAS has not otherwise been studied.

Costs for the use of this product have not been established.

Contact Information
Evaluation and Accountability
Cecilia Oakeley, Executive Director
3700 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 972-925-3503
Fax: 972-925-3501

Support Available
Support is available for teachers and schools within the Dallas Independent School District.