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School Performance Framework (SPF)

Evaluation Type
Parent and Student Surveys
Value-Added Models
Student Performance Measures
Combination Models

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Use of Evaluation
Teacher Compensation Decisions

Professional Status

This product was developed by Denver Public Schools.

Product Description
Although not specifically developed for teacher evaluation, SPF is used to inform teacher and principal compensation through the evaluation of school performance using multiple measures that examine student achievement and school organization. The measures include student achievement data. SPF is used to identify the accreditation rating of each school in the Denver Public School system and to inform teacher and principal compensation. The Professional Compensation for Teachers (ProComp) in Denver uses SPF to measure student growth as part of its calculations to determine which ProComp teachers receive bonuses. Although this measure was developed for school evaluation, the measures within this assessment system can be used for teacher evaluation as in the ProComp System.

General Target Population Information
This framework is used to measure schoolwide performance, not to evaluate individual teachers.

Stage of Development
All Stages

This framework is used in Denver Public Schools.

Costs for the use of this product have not been established.

Contact Information
Communications Office
Denver Public Schools
900 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 720-423-3414
Fax: 720-423-3318

Support Available
SPF resources, including frequently asked questions, can be found at