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Quality Compensation (Q Comp) System

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Observations of Teachers and Principals
Student Performance Measures
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Teacher Compensation Decisions

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This product was developed by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Product Description
Q Comp uses classroom observations and evidence of student achievement gains as measures of teacher performance. Districts in Minnesota can voluntarily agree to join this system. Every district that proposes and implements a Q Comp system must include five components: career/ladder advancement options, job-embedded professional development, teacher observations, performance pay, and alternative salary schedules.

General Target Population Information
Q Comp was developed for use with teachers of all levels and content areas.

Stage of Development
All Stages

Currently, 50 Minnesota school districts and 54 charter schools have implemented programs or have been approved to implement Q Comp for the 2010-11 school year. Many additional districts have indicated that they plan to submit an application for future years.

Research and Resources
Hezel Associates. (2009). Quality Compensation for Teachers summative evaluation. Syracuse, NY: Author. Retrieved October 5, 2011, from

Approved school districts receive up to $260 per student ($169 per student in state aid and $91 per student in board-approved levy) for the program. Charter schools, integration districts, intermediate districts, and the Perpich Center for the Arts receive approximately $240 per student in state aid through an equalized levy because these entities do not have authority to impose local tax levies.

Contact Information
Steve Dibb
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-582-8693

Support Available
Technical support may be available through Q Comp. Contact Patricia King for more information.