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Parent and Student Surveys

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This type of evaluation
  • Is used to gather parent and student opinions or judgments about the effectiveness of the principal’s practices or the effectiveness of the school in meeting the interests and needs of parents and students. Survey results factor into principal evaluation.

Research Base

  • The use and effect of parent and student surveys for principal evaluation purposes has not been examined in research literature, although many states and districts use these surveys as part of a principals’ evaluation.
  • Several studies have shown that high school, middle school, and elementary student ratings may be as valid as judgments made by college students and other groups and, in some cases, may correlate with measures of student achievement.
  • Several studies have shown that parental involvement with the school has an impact on student achievement.

Strengths of This Evaluation Type

This type of evaluation
  • Provides the perspective of students and the parents/guardians on principal leadership or school conditions.
  • Can provide formative information to help principals improve practice in a way that will connect with and impact students.
  • Makes use of the perspectives of students, who may be as capable as adult raters at providing accurate ratings.

Cautions on This Evaluation Type

  • Student and parent ratings have not been validated for use in summative assessment and should not be used as the sole or primary measure of teacher evaluation.
  • Students and parents cannot provide information on all roles of the principal.

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