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Teacher Self-Report Measures

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This type of evaluation
  • Requests that teachers report on what they are doing in the classroom and may take the form of surveys, instructional logs, or interviews.
  • May focus on broad and overarching aspects of teaching that are thought to be important in all contexts or on specific subject matter, content areas, grade levels, or techniques.
  • May consist of straightforward checklists of easily observable behaviors and practices; may contain rating scales that assess the extent to which certain practices are used or aligned with certain standards; or may require teachers to indicate the precise frequency of use of practices or standards.
  • Is quite broad in scope; considerations in choosing or designing a self-report measure are largely dependent on its intended purpose and use.

Strengths of This Evaluation Type

This type of evaluation
  • Can be used to report otherwise unobservable factors that may affect teaching, such as knowledge, intentions, expectations, and beliefs.
  • Provides the unique perspective of the teacher.
  • Is easily implemented and cost efficient.
  • Can assemble a large amount of information at once (when gathered for the whole faculty).

Cautions on This Evaluation Type

  • The reliability and validity of self-report measures are not fully established and depend on the instrument used.
  • Using or creating a well-developed and validated instrument will decrease cost-efficiency but increase the accuracy of the findings.
  • Self-report measures should not be used as the sole or primary measure in teacher evaluation.

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