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This type of evaluation
  • Is used to determine a large range of teaching behaviors and responsibilities.
  • Has been used widely in teacher education programs and in states for assessing the performance of teacher candidates and beginning teachers.

Research Base

  • Research on validity and reliability is ongoing, and concerns have been raised about consistency/stability in scoring. There is a lack of research linking portfolios to student achievement. Some studies have linked National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification (which includes a portfolio) to student achievement, but other studies have found no relationship.

Strengths of This Evaluation Type

This type of evaluation
  • Is comprehensive and can measure aspects of teaching that are not readily observable in the classroom.
  • Can be used with teachers of all fields.
  • Provides a high level of credibility among stakeholders.
  • Is a good tool for teacher reflection and improvement.

Cautions on This Evaluation Type

  • Portfolios are time-consuming for both teachers and scorers.
  • Scorers should have content knowledge of the portfolio materials.
  • The stability of scores may not be high enough to use for high-stakes assessment.
  • Portfolios are difficult to standardize (for comparison across teachers or schools).
  • Portfolios represent teachers’ exemplary work but may not reflect everyday classroom activities.

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