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This type of evaluation
  • Is used to analyze classroom artifacts in order to determine the quality of instruction in a classroom.
  • May include lesson plans, teacher assignments, scoring rubrics, and student work.

Research Base

  • Pilot research has linked artifact ratings to observed measures of practice, quality of student work, and student achievement gains. More work is needed to establish scoring reliability and determine the ideal amount of work samples. Lack of research exists on use of structured artifact analysis in practice.

Strengths of This Evaluation Type

This type of evaluation
  • Can be useful measures of instructional quality when a validated measure is used, raters are well trained for reliability, and assignments show sufficient variation in quality.
  • Is practical and feasible because artifacts have already been created for the classroom.

Cautions on This Evaluation Type

  • More validity and reliability research is needed.
  • Training knowledgeable scorers can be costly but is necessary to ensure validity.
  • In terms of feasibility and validity, this method may be a promising middle ground between full observation and less direct measures such as self-report.

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